In EMATSA we strive to make our site accessible, regardless of the hardware or software, network infrastructure, language, culture, geographical location and capabilities of users.

Through its design, navigation and interactivity, we tried to make surfing consistent throughout the site, following the same structures on every page:

  • The hierarchy of information. The pages are structured with headings, which distribute content and ease of understanding.
  • The site is programmed with the most advanced techniques and international accessibility guidelines, which allow all users to surf with ease.
  • Compliance with WCAG standards. The initiative regulating and establishing the rules for access to the web is the Accessibility Initiative (WAI), developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). AA level access guidelines have been applied to web content (WCAG 1.0).
  • The menu system and the links are fully accessible. The links are accompanied by an explanation, and provide information on whether to deploy a new window.
  • Exceptions. While most of the content is accessible, you may currently find it difficult to access some areas of our site. We are working to improve access in the near future.