Besides supplying the water available at all times in its natural environment to the public, in optimal health conditions and pressure, EMATSA provides other services within the integrated water cycle.

We have a technical department at EMATSA which specialises in water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment. We design and plan the rehabilitation or expansion works in the various facilities necessary to optimize and improve their performance.

To learn, plan and efficiently manage our services we offer:

  • Remote control systems for managing water supply networks, sewerage and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Mapping, projects and sewer water management plans.
  • Advanced equipment for pre-location and pinpointing leaks.
  • Rehabilitation Equipment and jointless piping replacements.
  • Geographic Info Systems support for the management and planning of the integrated water cycle.
  • Inspection of the sewerage network by mobile TV.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.
  • Laboratory service for analysis and sampling in the environmental field and analysis in the toxicological, forensic and agri-food fields

Different researchers specialising in health and environment, biologists, chemists and engineers are the professionals who make up the laboratory team at EMATSA. These professionals are tasked with carrying out strict water controls at all stages of the entire water cycle, from analysis of waste and sludge, to the quality consulting stage. More may be learnt about our laboratory on its website