Whether it rains or not, we must always look after this scarce natural resource, as a requirement in order to assure water in the future.

  • Don’t fall asleep in the shower
    Every minute you spend in the shower you can lose up to 10 litres of water. Think of how much you can save if you shower more quickly or if you shut off the water while soaping yourself
  • Turn off the tap when you are not using it
    Turn off the tap when not using the water to brush your teeth, when shaving or washing dishes. With the tap on you can lose up to 5 litres of water in a minute.
  • Every Drop Counts
    If you repair leaky taps, you can save up to 30 litres a day. This is equivalent to the water consumed by 15 people in one day.
  • Use water-friendly appliances
    If you buy a washing machine, a dishwasher or a toilet, check the Eco-label that ensures rational water use.
  • Install water-saving devices
    If you install ecological flow reducing taps, fans or other saving devices, you can greatly reduce the volume of water coming out of the tap without any noticeable pressure loss.


  • Resistant local plants
    Plant resistant native plants and shrubs. They are equally beautiful plants and use less water.
  • Summer dry, tall grass
    In dry summers, let the lawn grow higher, thus decreasing water evaporation.
  • Water at the right time
    If we water the garden first thing in the morning or late afternoon, we take more advantage of the water as it does not evaporate as quickly.
  • Don’t use the hose for sweeping
    Use the broom preferably before the hose when cleaning patios and terraces.
  • Side effects of medications
    Do not throw leftover or expired medications down the toilet. In contact with water, they may behave unpredictably, so affecting the environment and, ultimately, health. Take them to the chemist’s.
  • Oil and water do not mix
    Do not throw away excess oil after cooking down the sink. One litre of cooking oil contaminates the same amount of water as that used in 1 day by 1,160 families! Remove it from the pan with a paper towel and throw it away.
  • Paint, another enemy of water
    Paint is a highly polluting substance. If you have any left and you have to throw it away, let it dry to a solid mass and take it to the municipal collection centers.
  • The toilet is not an ashtray
    Cigarettes contain nicotine and tar, substances that dissolve readily in water and which are contaminants, even in small concentrations. Throw the remains of the cigarettes away once they have been put out adequately.
  • Do not obstruct pipes and treatment plants with solid waste
    Plastics, gauze, pads and condoms that are thrown into the toilet can clog pipes and affect the flow of wastewater into sewage treatment plants. Place a small container in the bathroom to throw away these solid wastes.
  • Maintain a positive attitude to water wherever you are
    The water in your house is the same as at work, the gym locker room, the hotel, the street fountain… Maintain your ecological attitude to water wherever you use it.