The World Health Organization and the European Union consider drinking water as that which a person can drink every day for their entire lifespan without any health risks.

Water is essential for life but can act as a major source of spreading of disease. All parties involved in providing water to the population should take appropriate steps to prevent the risks associated with its consumption. In this context, efforts converge water supply management bodies such as EMATSA, councils and the Department of Health.

According to the 140/2003 Royal Decree, of 7th. February, by which the sanitary criteria of the quality of drinking water is established, the health authority must make the health monitoring programme of drinking water for human consumption available to the water entities responsible for the water supply in their territory. Furthermore, in Article 18.5 of the same RD, the regulation indicates that the supplying entity, EMATSA, in the case of Tarragona, La Canonja, Els Pallaresos and El Catllar, should develop a protocol for self-control and supply management, which should be in accordance with the sanitary surveillance drinking water programme.

The attached document which we present aims to meet all the requirements of the regulations, to establish generic lines that should govern any self-managing system that water supply companies may develop and, on the other hand, to make the Health Department Surveillance Programme outlines known.

Monitoring plan of the Generalitat de Catalunya