This is the final stage of the water travelling through the pipe network of the municipality until it reaches every household. The water quality control is maintained at all stages: from sourcing in rivers until its delivery to households with total health guarantees.

Ematsa, through its operational control centre and via remote control, manages the volume of water and quality in each delivery, adapting to ever-changing demand.

The Ematsa control centre was inaugurated in April 1995. Located in a building in La Muntanyeta of Sant Pere, where the present headquarters of the municipal waters of Tarragona was later built, it is the nerve center of the water control supply in Tarragona and where all decisions are taken.

It is equipped with pioneering technology and its main function is the supervision and control of all elements of water supply in the city: tanks, pumping stations, pressure control valves, the supply to different areas, sources, wells, alarms or chlorination systems. Once it became operational, it greatly improved the quality of the provision of water services to the citizens of Tarragona and optimised the use of water resources through a network of control and supervision of the service and the different facilities.

The system architecture is completely open and allows for future expansion and the addition of new stations. A large active synoptic wall panel asset is the main element of the control center since it reflects the full scope of the network effect. The complexity of the water process that this company distributes needs to taken into account, especially because of the diversity of connections between the main wells, water treatment and storage as the penultimate step prior to supply of the population.

The control centre receives all the data coming from the thirty-seven existing remote stations that are currently contributing network updates to technicians of the company. Depending on the information received, the mechanisms of remote stations can be modified. The stations are remotely controlled from the centre, and everything can also be manipulated manually.

The large central panel allows the revision to the exact second of all the sources and various Ematsa facilities, to know in which time slots more water is consumed, and to keep track of the whole network, section by section or have constant updates of the existing cubic metre of water in each of the sources and tanks. Everything that happens is observed due to these modern facilities.