Once used, the waste water goes into the sewer system, which facilitates the collection of wastewater and rainwater, and leads to the sewerage system. Pumping stations that send the wastewater to treatment plants are necessary for carrying the waste water.

In EMATSA, we go for sewage management planning by using the latest tools and developing management plans for the most advanced urban drainage systems by implementing a comprehensive management system. We offer advisory services and consulting, drafting and construction, network maintenance and operation, and management of the sewer system.

Maintenance plan:
We have two lorries fitted with vacuum-pumps, which are dedicated to preventive maintenance in order to prevent clogging. A corrective maintenance plan for the water that doesn’t flow well is also carried out. We also have two computers in a vehicle equipped with pressure guns to clean the sewers and have a team with a television camera for the city sewer inspections.